Harmony of Design

Park Grand is a tasteful mix of modern and classic elements. The style of Park Grand has been carefully crafted to complement the evolving design mix of the surrounding neighbourhood. An impressive façade marks a classic variation on West Coast Design Fusing simple form with modern brick finishing and metal panelling, resulting in a statement of modern elegance. The homes feature generous windows set along the front of your home allowing wonderful natural light to pour in.

The signature style of Park Grand has been purposefully crafted to make the perfect complement to its surrounding characterful neighbourhood.

Step Into Luxury

Park Grand interiors are marked by functional and efficient interior layouts made remarkable by superior and luxurious interior finishing. Stone countertops and hardwood floors deliver a mix of elegance and warmth, while touches like a glass bannister and spa like bathrooms add a distinctive modern flair. It’s a completer package complete with nine foot ceilings, ample windows and open floor plans creating a magical sense of space.

The remarkable interior finishing, functional layout, and comprehensive security features set to create convenience and peace of mind to your everyday living.